Ecological & Wildlife

Mule Deer Winter Range Impact Analysis and Monitoring

SERVICE TYPE  Wildlife and vegetation study

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Teton County Search and Rescue, Sherriff’s office

YEAR  2011

SCOPE  Environmental Analysis, habitat mitigation and helicopter use impact monitoring

Natural Resource and Wildlife Habitat Inventories - BLM Snake River Parcels

SERVICE TYPE  Vegetation inventory, Aquatic Resources Inventory andwildlife habitat assessment

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Teton County and Bureau of Land Management

YEAR  2012 and 2014

SCOPE  Conducted field inventories of over 400 acres of BLM parcels and prepared documentation reports and wildlife use and habitat for federal land transfer

Conservation and Wildlife Habitat Planning – 50,000 acre Ranch Landscape

SERVICE TYPE  GIS and mapping, wildlife use and habitat assessments

LOCATION  Lincoln County, WY

CLIENT  Terra West Conservancy

YEAR  2015-2017

SCOPE  Compile natural resource geospatial data, prepare maps, bird surveys, wildlife assessment reports

Wildlife and Rangeland Inventories and Monitoring – Shoshone National Forest

SERVICE TYPE  Vegetation surveys and rangeland assessment

LOCATION Park County, WY

CLIENT  Headwaters Engineering (USDA Shoshone National Forest)

YEAR  2014 -2015

SCOPE  Data collection of rangeland vegetation transects; owl, goshawk and lynx surveys; riparian surveys

Ecological and Wetland Habitat Watershed Assessment – Upper Green River, WY

SERVICE TYPE  Bird habitat assessment, watershed assessment, wetland assessment and GIS mapping

LOCATION  Upper Green River Watershed, WY

CLIENT  WY Game & Fish Dept. & The Conservation Fund

YEAR  2013 - 2016

SCOPE  Assisted the WY Game and Fish Department and the USFWS Intermountain West Joint Ventures in identifying and compiling research and survey data related to bird and wetland habitat conservation.  Habitat analysis and identification of priority bird species within the Upper Green River Watershed was used to identify important bird habitat areas for future protection and conservation efforts

Trumpeter Swan Winter Habitat Assessment

SERVICE TYPE  Wildlife surveys, habitat assessment and regulatory compliance

LOCATION  Spring Creek Watershed, Teton County, WY

CLIENT  3 Creek Ranch Homeowners Association

YEAR  2016-2017

SCOPE  Habitat inventory, Trumpeter Swan surveys, processing and spatial analysis to create GIS model, habitat use identification and recommendations

Teton County – Focal Species Habitat Mapping

SERVICE TYPE  Wildlife habitat assessment, GIS modeling and land use planning

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Teton County Government Planning Department

YEAR  2017

SCOPE  Phase I: conduct literature and primary research reviews on each of focal species’ habitat requirements and compile in 17 species-specific habitat narratives; Phase II: generate 20 GIS-based habitat layers based on seasonal habitat requirements; Phase III: combine 20 GIS-based habitat layers using a weighted sum methodology to create a “Relative Values Habitat Map”


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