Landfill Groundwater Monitoring

SERVICE TYPE  Water quality sampling and statistical analysis

LOCATION  Teton and Sublette County, WY

CLIENT  Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (TCISWR) & Sublette County Waste Management

DATE  2010- present

SCOPE  Low-flow groundwater sampling and field measurements, statistical analysis, regulatory report preparation

Golf Course Regulatory Water Quality Monitoring

SERVICE TYPE  Water quality monitoring

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Shooting Star, 3 Creek Ranch, Teton Pines andSnake River Sporting Clubs

YEAR  2010-present

SCOPE  Surface water, groundwater sampling, statistical analysis, reporting lab results

Fish Creek Water Quality and Biological Assessment

SERVICE TYPE  Water quality and biological monitoring

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Teton Conservation District, Friends of Fish Creek and WY Dept. of Environmental Quality

YEAR  2012 - present

SCOPE  Prepare sampling and analysis plan; perform biological, physical, and chemical sampling; coordinate with laboratories; compile data

Residential Pond Water Quality Monitoring and Characterization

SERVICE TYPE  Water quality monitoring

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Private

YEAR  2012-2014

SCOPE  Collected surface water samples and monitored flows in a private pond and stream system to determine potential impacts to natural creeks

Flat Creek Watershed Management Plan

SERVICE TYPE  Water quality monitoring and watershed management

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Teton Conservation District and Town of Jackson, WY

YEAR  2018

SCOPE  Characterized watershed, identified sources of pollutant loads, coordinated stakeholders and public participation, developed best management practices for improving water quality

Karns Meadow Stormwater Treatment Wetland

SERVICE TYPE  Wetland and water quality treatment

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Town of Jackson

YEAR  2010-2013

SCOPE  Managed reclamation and implementation of a wetland-based stormwater treatment system, conducted water quality monitoring for performance evaluation

Flat Creek Winter Flooding Characterization

SERVICE TYPE  Stream restoration  

LOCATION  Teton County, WY

CLIENT  Flat Creek Water Improvement District

YEAR  2015-2019

SCOPE  Channel stabilization, gravel bar and boulder vane removal, aquatic habitat enhancement, construction management


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